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Minded Security

The Anti Malware Technology is a sophisticated security platform for detecting and managing in real time advanced threats such as Banking Malware that target the customer base of internet banking portals.

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Web Fraud Detection

AMT has been developed after years of study for detecting and managing advanced webfrauds in real time that target your customer base. Innovative analysis techniques build up AMT modularity such as Trusted JavaScript Anomaly Analyzer, Browser Integrity Checker and more.


Risk Management of Infected Users

Users' Risk information can be easily managed by the bank’s internal anti-fraud team through the use of the AMT Control Panel and receiving daily customized reports.

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Our solution has no negative impact on the performance of the portal were is installed thanks to the AMT Cloud lightweight design. Furthermore for portals with millions of users the solution does not require any additional infrastructure.


We Love Integration

AMT can be integrated in your antifraud process and integrated in most banking fraud engines giving warranty of a constant feed of information with a real time insight about detected threats.

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