Alerting for “Man in the browser” attacks

AMT solution easily detects realtime man in the browser attacks.
AMT engine does not look for signatures or known attacks, it analyzes the behavior of the HTML page in the user’s browser and can easily detect new kinds of attacks or new malware variants that are running on customer machines.

AMT Control Panel for Anti-fraud Teams

AMT can be integrated in your anti-fraud process by constantly giving real time insights about detected threats. Threats are classified by Malware Agent, IP, User, and the precise Scripting component agent that has been identified in the user browser.

AMT control panel


Highly customizable modules

Malicious activities on the user accounts can be identified by new AMT components that are progressively developed and integrated into the solution.
Daily Reports are also customized to the client’s needs.

AMT report


Detailed attack information

AMT ON-Screen Technology gives so many details about the Threat Agent that is possible to see almost the exact same page seen by the user. The modified HTML is sent back to the server component and can be rendered to see Web Inject lively from remote, like a Remote Control Toolkit.


Risk Management of infected clients

The AMT technology reduces the risk of infected users preventing frauds.
Risk information can be easily managed by the bank’s internal antifraud team through the use of the AMT Control Panel and receiving daily customized reports.


No Performance Impacts

The architecture of the product has no negative impact on the performance of the banking site infrastructure thanks to the AMT Cloud Infrastructure. Furthermore, for portals with millions of users the solution does not require any additional infrastructure.

AMT infrastructure